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To improve, you must observe. OpenO11y is a set of documentation, reference architectures, and guidance focused on observability. OpenO11y is focused on enabling wider Observability adoption through its written contributions.

What is o11y?

o11y - shorthand for observability1 which is the ability to measure the internal states of a system by examining its outputs2.

Observability empowers organizations to easily and effectively observe key data at scale; enabling decision making in order to improve the organization's culture, security, effectiveness, growth, and ultimate success.

system - a group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole

Observability is focused on systems. Systems can be comprised of software, such as a system of microservices. However, systems can also have other compositions such as people forming a team, a group of teams, an entire organization, etc.


As an open source project, OpenO11y's mission is to enable everyone to observe and improve their systems by offering socio-technical3 guidance, reference architectures (coming soon!), tooling recommendations, and demos.